Would you like your events, lectures or any other program to be viewable on the Internet?

We can stream almost everything with our mobile devices across Europe.
Trust us with the solution...


You probably have some ideas about why you intend to choose live streaming.

Let us present the advantages:

Geographically independent

The stream can be viewed everywhere in your country or in the world. You can reach an audience that wouldn’t travel to your location.


You can spare distant viewers from exhausting and expensive travel. They will appreciate it.

Easier organization

In most cases it’s hard to calculate how many guest will visit an event, how many participant places should be provided. In case of online streaming it doesn’t matter if 100 or 10,000 people will be following your event.


You don’t necessarily need to rent a conference room, spend for catering and hostesses. Why not give your presentation exclusively online, from your own office?


The online stream audience enjoys full flexibility. They can pause and restart the stream at any time. (for example, if they receive a phone call)

It can be replayed later

As part of our service we also make a recording for no additional fee. If you want you can publish the recording and the video can be replayed again at any time.

Technical parameters

Quality & resolution..

We generally send out the stream in HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels), its quality is excellent, satisfying modern standards; If needed, the recorded videos are stored in FULL HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) on cameras.

Internet bandwidth

For an online stream, we need stable and reliable internet connection. In our case the most important parameter is upload speed; for HD streaming 15 Mbs (megabit per second) speed is recommended. We prefer to use the local cable internet connection. If that is not available we can use a mobile 4G network, but speed will depend on the local internet provider.


Audio quality is one of the most important factors in streaming. To achieve the best quality we usually connect to the local audio system. If that is not possible we can also use our own microphones, micro-ports and mixer.

Streaming platforms

We choose platforms which have already proven that they function reliably and can manage a high network load. Recent platforms are YouTube, the cloud service of Microsoft Azure, Akamai, global CDNs and also our own media server.


It's a common question. People are afraid to lose the connection and thereby feedback from the audience. To solve this problem we can provide a real-time chat box where the audience can communicate with the presenter and each other.


Streams can be followed on any PC (Windows, Mac or Linux platforms), on smart phones and tablets (iOS, Android and Windows platforms). We support as many systems as possible.


We are not just streaming. As part of our service we also record the streamed video content. We provide you the recorded video for no additional fee. On the other hand, if you just need the recording we don’t stream.


We can stream any kind of presentation, by connecting directly to the presenter's computer. It gives clean and sharp resolution. We can show the presentation with PiP technology when the presenter is also visible.

Logos & captions

Just like a TV program, we can show your logos and we can add many kind of captions to the stream with many design elements.

About us

Here is our talented, refined and lovely team :)

Steve "Forgi" Forget

Photographer, Cameraman

Gabor Katona

Photographer, Cameraman

Zoltan "Maki" Makovinyi

Photographer, Cameraman

Susan Szatmari


Zsombor Marton

Founder, IT, CEO
(+36) 20 926 1951

Eszter Gerjak

Sales & Project Assistant
(+36) 30 660 0106

Free streaming
Streaming charity events

If we have time and capacity, we accept requests for community activity. We primarily mean charity events, low-budget sports events, school events, etc. Of course there is an opportunity to stream any other kind of event as well. Please, tell us why or how the world will be a better place as a result. For more information, please contact us.

Education, event organization

We encourage every company engaged in education and event organization to try the market opportunities inherent in online streaming, by using our service. We can bring your trainings, courses, events to an online platform with our knowledge and technology.

We automated the whole process so the administration is really easy. The participants can register, sign up and pay via the online interface which can be designed for your brand with your logo. And finally the participants can follow the online stream through a closed and secure channel.

Try it and increase your revenue with our technology. We will help you take the first steps.

If you plan to manage such a volume of trainings, courses and conferences that paying for our services so frequently may be too expensive, then choose our system integration service to help you develop your own streaming system.

For exact prices please contact us! Thank you!

Streaming education
Streaming quality guarantee

You as the customer naturally need to know about our prices, besides our level of quality and our guarantee of reliability. According to our experience, every customer has different requirements, and every location means a new challenge. This is the reason why we developed our business policy to manage every project while considering its unique aspects, instead of providing uniform services. Therefore, we provide the best services to you for the most favorable prices.

For an exact quote we need the following information:

  • Event location
  • Event duration, in days and hours
  • Number of cameras and cameramen you wish
  • Number of online viewers
  • Streaming mode: public or private access. The level of expected security
  • Audio source: do we need to use our own microphones, micro-ports or can we connect to a local audio system
  • Lighting conditions
  • Internet connection, with stable 15Mbit/s upload speed
  • To help you estimate our prices here is an example streaming project:
    Location: Vienna, Duration: 1 day (8 hours) conference, 3 cameras and 2 cameramen, 500 online viewers with public access on a YouTube channel, Audio source provided by the local event hall, Lighting is O.K. and there's good quality cable internet connection.
    Price: EUR 800 + VAT + Travel cost
    For an exact price regarding your event please contact us! Thank you!

    Some of our clients